About Us


    We currently work with businesses in Southampton, the New Forest, Dorset, London and surrounding areas.


    On average we spend 150-200 hours a month in the office. A clean office equals a clear mind for focus and increased productivity.


    Our cleaners are supported every step of the way by a dedicated supervisory team. Should a cleaner become unavailable, the company director will step in personally to prevent any disruptions in service.


    Germs thrive in stuffy, warm environments so it is important to have good ventilation and regular cleaning with reputable cleaning products that will kill germs in their tracks


    Allow us to help increase your staff motivation with our friendly professional team who will go above and beyond standard cleaning requirements.


    We conduct frequent site visits and regular audits resulting in a consistently high level of service.

A Kool Website

This website is a demonstration of our templates that we offer at Kool Booking Systems, any products or services advertised on this website are not real, and we do not offer them for hire. Any messages or bookings sent through this website are not monitored. 

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